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Kalamity/Baxter - b. June 9, 2016
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Light Brown Sable Smooth
Medium Soft Temperament. Pet Upgradeable

This puppy is a real people pleaser. She is forgiving, people focused and fast to bond. She has both play and retrieve drive. She can be a bit insecure in new situations, but easily worked through with toys. She will be a great obedience prospect and would also do well in therapy work.

Brown Sable Plush
Soft Temperament. Pet Upgradeable.

This is a super sweet, low energy puppy. She is very submissive and respectful, and will look to her person for reassurance. She is playful in her comfort zone, and will bring her toys to you with her tail wagging. She will need an owner who wont coddle her, and build confidence. She cant be pushed, and new owner will need to be able to read her signals when things get to be too much for her.

Brown Sable Smooth
Medium Soft Temperament. Pet Quality.

This is a lower energy puppy who is playful and curious in her comfort zone. High pressure situations will cause her to freeze. She will need lots of exposure to strange situations and meeting new people before 16 weeks. She is a self entertaining puppy, and loves her toys. She is always happy, wagging her tail. She is a velcro type pup who will look to her people for guidance.


We ask that all new owner be within driving distance to Strauss Haus Shepherds here in New York, and have a veterinary reference. Rehome fee is $100 and that covers Veterinary health check, and vaccine updates and change of owner on registration papers.

Zion's Mysterious Artic Storm
aka Artic
b. December 14, 2013 | white plush

He is a big goof ball that loves people. Very loving boy, energetic and will make a wonderful companion. He is easy to train, and obedient. He is off leash trained. He would do best as an only dog. No cats. He loves attention, so he would fit right in to a big family.

Moonsong's Kariann of Zion
aka Kari
b. April 5, 2010 | light brown sable smooth

Kari just turned 6, but still acts like a puppy. She has no health concerns, and is an active girl. She is a Velcro type dog, that will stay right by her persons side, unleashed. She is a golden sable smooth coat. Kari loves people and could adjust to another dog. She is spayed and up to date on vaccines.

Strauss Haus Artic Tundra
aka Tonka Pup
b. March 28,2 013 | gray sable smooth

She is 3 years old and will need to be spayed. She is up to date on vaccines. Tonka-pup is high energy and high drive, but very friendly to people. She will need a firm handler who is active and preferably outdoorsy. Tonka pup was a bottle fed baby (and all that implies). We will miss her terribly, but she did not pass all her testing to continue in the breeding program.



Here at Strauss Haus Shepherds we joined the Shiloh Shepherd family in November 1999. We purchased our first puppy, Sirius, in January 2000.

At first we planned on having "just one", but after meeting the breed founder, Tina Barber, and attending her genetics seminar, we became hooked on this breed.

ISSR Licensed Breeder
SSDCA Member
New York



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